TTM System

From patent to licensing – and beyond - maintaining intellectual property, and managing technology transfer is complex and demanding. With the stakes in the tens of millions of dollars – can you afford to rely on legacy or ad hoc systems?

Developed in conjunction with Yissum, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s technology transfer company, and already implemented in major research organizations - Taldor TTM is an innovative, fully-customizable, end-to-end web-based management system for IP and Technology Transfer Management that benefits from a flexible TTM service delivery, allowing customers to choose between an on-premises installation (customer’s organization IT) or using Taldor TTM4Cloud Software as a service (SaaS) innovative solution implemented on Microsoft Windows Azure Platform for the cloud.

Leveraging a robust architecture, a feature-rich yet intuitive interface, powerful document management capabilities, and in-depth activity monitoring - Taldor TTM is a one-stop-shop for Intellectual Property Management and Technology Transfer organizations.

By delivering a unified view of all technologies, patents, contacts and agreements, Taldor TTM enables easy and clear access to both the bigger picture and the details - anytime and anywhere.

What is TTM4Cloud?

We live in an era where technology offers the ability to consume services over the internet marketplace, allowing customers to get a full TTM online service from all over the world, without the hassle involved in creating a suitable IT infrastructure and management (hardware, storage, network and security) and in a low price. Build on Microsoft Windows Azure Platform, Taldor TTM system is able to deliver a set of important characteristics to its SaaS solution:
  • Data center that applies security mechanisms at different layers of the cloud infrastructure to implement a defense-in-depth approach
  • High Availability fully supported (99.95%)
  • High performance user experience from all over the world
  • Very flexible solution – easily coping with implementation for large as well as small scale of demand
One System, a World of Functionality

Taldor TTM brings together the full range of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer functionality into one user-friendly interface, including:
  • Marketing - manages contacts, relationships, activities, and events
  • Patent Management – all IP activities from filing to licensing
  • Agreement Management – complete control over agreement terms, tight follow up on payments and obligations
  • Document Management – easily track and file any document, including intuitive cross-referencing
  • Activities and Reminders Management – track correspondence, project status, and more
  • Projects Management – overview of the entire project lifecycle
  • Events Module – grouping of IP, agreements, companies
  • File Management - attachment of any type of file (including email) to any object in the system
  • Reporting – data mining reveals exact object relationships
  • Synchronization - with external website, finance software, and other business systems
  • MS Outlook and Exchange Integration – allows creation of email templates, recording and automatic storage of email
  • Data Security – secure permission-based access schemes ensure compartmentalization of sensitive information
*on-premises solution only

Taldor TTM Advantages
  • Fully-customizable – seamless integration into existing IT
  • TTM4Cloud – A SaaS solution based on Microsoft Windows Azure platform
  • Tracking and Control – real-time follow-up of all open projects, agreements and patents
  • Powerful Grouping - define and track relationships between projects, agreements, contacts and patents
  • Centralized Database – reliable, up-to-date and accurate data accessible to all employees
  • Business Process Automation – streamlining previously manual processes
  • High-Resolution Financials – supplement information from enterprise financial software

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